The Fresh Formula

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I have found that my kitchen experiments of the last three years have resulted in many recipes that are formulaic in nature. I first observed this tendency of my cooking when I was whipping up a second batch of super food muffins for my son, Nolan. The second time that I went to make the muffins, I had flour on hand, but it was spelt, rather than the whole wheat that I had the first time. I had raw zucchini, but not blueberries, as I did before. I had agave syrup, but not maple as I had used previously. I ended up making substitutions in the same amounts and blueberry lemon muffins became zucchini spice muffins without recreating the wheel.

This experience got me thinking about the theme of this blog. Since I don’t identify as a 24/7 vegan, I didn’t want the focus on veganism, even though all of the recipes within are in fact, vegan. Instead, I wanted the focus to be on the simplicity and accessibility of a plant-based lifestyle. I wanted to present, first and foremost, delicious and satisfying recipes, but specifically in a way that calls on organic, local, seasonal, and fridge and pantry-ready ingredients and allows you to tailor a dish to your taste preferences.


What do YOU have in your fridge or pantry? Chances are, using one of my fresh formulas, you can make something fantastic out of what may seem like a mismatched groups of ingredients. While I do have a section of plant-based recipes that are not formula-based, most of the recipes on this blog will utilize a basic formula th1779949_10105670823176714_8352421547742696984_nat allows for the incorporation of plant products that you already have on hand.

The key to success with The Fresh Formula will be shopping for high quality, organic, plant ingredients and making the most out of the ingredients that you already have on hand. Keep your pantry loaded with nonperishables like beans and grains, nuts and seeds, baking supplies, and a wide array of spices and dried herbs (I have about 60) so that you’re ready for a culinary brainchild at any moment. Knowledge of flavors that work together and a willingness to experiment with new combinations with afford you healthy, delicious eats!

Right now, do a quick assessment of your kitchen. See what you’ve got and check out my formulas. Give easy plant-based living a try.


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