15-Minute Waffles

Breakfast for dinner, anyone?  Or, breakfast for breakfast, lunch, or snack?  Any time of day, you can make these waffles in fifteen minutes…or less!  You can also use this formula for pancakes, but those will take a little longer.  🙂

My first pregnancy, I wanted all things savory; this pregnancy, it’s all about the sweet.  Logically, I know that I can’t have dessert for dinner (at least not all the time…), so I’ve had to get my sweet fix in ways that are healthier and still, unfortunately, limited.  High blood sugar = problematic pregnancy.

Last night, I decided on waffles.  My formula includes no sweetener added to the batter itself and I top them with pure maple syrup.  This rich, gooey breakfast essential is packed with antioxidants, manganese, zinc, and calcium.  In addition, for the tree huggers out there (pun intended), harvesting maple syrup does not harm the tree or negatively impact its natural lifespan.  I love this brand of pure maple syrup, which is organic and GMO-free.


Tonight’s waffles will be of the lemon poppy seed variety.  Poppy seeds are loaded with fiber and are good sources of calcium and copper.  They are easy to add to smoothies, salad dressings, and baked goods.  I often bake bread with poppy seeds and throw them into muffins and other breakfast items, too.

DSC_2179I’m also including rolled oats (see my granola formula) and cornmeal in my batter for a variation in texture.  Cornmeal is an excellent source of protein and fiber and also contains substantial quantities of iron, zinc, and niacin.  Too much cornmeal will leave your waffles/pancakes tasting gritty, but I always add a little to the batter.  I also dust the bottom of my pizza crust to add texture and prevent sticking.  And of course, I use it in making cornbread (another post, another day).

DSC_2178Who said a quick breakfast (or lunch, dinner, or snack!) can’t be delicious, flavorful, and special?  I eat more raw plants than anything else—the ultimate fast food—but like many people, believe that variety is the spice of life!  Believe it or not, I can make these waffles in less time than it takes me to peel and chop my favorite fruits and veggies for a salad.  They are a guilt-free, healthy alternative to my typical diet.

Additionally, this formula would be easy to double, triple, etc. for a big crowd.  If you have some helping hands in the kitchen, you could feed a crowd in no time.  Enjoy!


Makes 5 large waffles

  • 1 cup flour  –>  I’m using whole wheat.
  • ½ cup textured grain (i.e. quinoa, oats, cornmeal, etc.)*  –>  I’m using ¼ cup rolled oats and ¼ cup cornmeal.
  • 1 ¼ cups unsweetened plant milk**  –>  I’m using almond.
  • 2 tbsps flax or chia seeds  –>  I’m using flax.
  • 2 tbsps oil  (just 1 tbsp for pancakes) –>  I’m using coconut.
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • ½ tsp baking soda
  • 1-2 tbsps citrus juice  –>  I’m using the juice of 1 small lemon (approximately 2 tbsps).  This ingredient adds brightness, but won’t really add flavor unless you use the full amount and the zest.  I want to taste the lemon, so I’m using the juice and zest of the whole fruit.
  • EXTRAS (optional):  raw seeds, nuts, fruit***, etc.  –>  I’m using ½ tsp poppy seeds.

*Don’t want to alter the texture?  Just use extra flour.  🙂

**Since pancakes take longer to make, you will want to keep extra milk nearby to thin the batter as necessary throughout cooking.

***I find that putting fruit into the batter causes a lot of sticking in my waffle maker; I use fruit to top waffles instead, but would put it directly into the batter to make pancakes.

Preheat your waffle iron.  If you are zesting citrus, be sure not to go past the top layer.  The white pith underneath is bitter.


Combine all ingredients with a whisk.


Prepare waffles according to iron directions.  Place on a cooling rack to prevent sogginess on the bottom of the waffles if they won’t all be consumed immediately.


Top with fresh fruit, raw nuts or seeds, maple syrup, etc.  Leftovers keep well in the fridge, but will likely lose their crispiness.



Thoughts or questions welcome!

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